June 3
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Venue : Tea Lane, Church Street, Celbridge

Date: June 3

This event for children ages 7-10 will bring to life the story of Swift and Vanessa in Celbridge Abbey and also extracts from Swift’s wonderful fairytale Gulliver’s Travels. From 11am – 12:30 pm at Tea Lane. Limited number of places. Register by emailing

Story Reader

Breda Konstantin photo

Breda Konstantin

Breda is one of Celbridge’s most sought after residents by anyone seeking to uncover and learn about its rich history. A book by local historian Tony Doohan heightened Breda Konstantin’s passion for Celbridge and North-East Kildare heritage and stories. She established Celbridge Guided Tours in 2012 which offers always intruiging and entertaining guided walks of important areas of Celbridge. Breda has also worked with deaf children and has a particular talent for story telling and engaging children in learning and activities around local heritage.

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