Highly Strung

Soprano, Violin, Flute and Harp

Photograph of 'Highly Strung' Quartet

Highly Strung is what happens when four friends with an assortment of instruments, personalities and musical backgrounds play music together.  The journey that began one evening at a summer festival has continued apace with performances in aircraft hangars, stately gardens, tiny medieval churches, elegant drawing rooms and castles.  Performing anything from O’Carolan to Coldplay, Highly Strung has a quirky perspective on the classics that appeal to audiences. 

We are delighted to have our friend flautist Anne Marie Lawlor with us this evening to add special elegance to our performance and we are thankful for the invitation to play for you.  So ladies, and gentlemen, sit back and enjoy an evening of mellow sounds with themes of love, togetherness and brighter days. 

No Rules, No Limits!

Highly Strung:

  • Angela O’Toole: soprano
  • Lisa Lazenby: violin
  • Mary Keenan: harp